Below is a letter that was sent to a potential client as a referral for our shop from Don Peterson one of our current clients.

Dear Mr. Krauer,

Mr. Hantsbarger asked if he could forward my email address to you.  I have been looking forward to hearing from you.

I presently have two cars being worked on by Precision Restorations.  A 1950 Chevrolet, which was the first car I ever owned.  I purchased it from my Uncle in 1972, worked on it for a year, and took my driving test in it in 1973.  I also have the 1970 Plymouth Superbird, you mentioned.

Both cars have ended up at Precision after being “restored and repaired” by another “restoration” shop.  The work done by this other “shop” was very expensive and of very poor quality.  The cars were returned to me after some two years with this other “shop” supposedly in top condition.  Both cars were not capable of being driven for more than 20 minutes.  The problems were too numerous to mention.  I went back to this “shop” and was told they were old cars what did I expect?  After two years and many thousands of dollars I definitely expected more, a lot more.

Never the less, I still wanted the cars properly restored.  Needless to say I was much more cautious about who I chose to correct the problems.  I, like you, believe Precision to be a reputable business.  To date, my experience with Precision has been very good.

The work on the Chevrolet is progressing at a good pace and all work that has been completed has been of the highest quality.  It has also been within or below the quoted costs.

The problems with the Superbird were more complicated.  In addition to mechanical problems, the paint was chipping in several places.  Jon prepared a bid on repairing the chips. He cautioned me that the car had been previously repainted and that the chipping very likely was the result of previous sub-standard repairs.  Both Jon and I suspected that the car had been previously damaged and repaired in the trunk and “nose”  areas.  When the repair work on the “chips” started, our suspicions were confirmed.

I must emphasize that I was made aware of and understood the problems that were suspected with the Superbird before any work was started.  There was simply no way to know the extent of the problems until the work was started.  I must also emphasize that I was contacted as soon as the problems were discovered.  The options were presented, proceed per the original bid or make the repairs correctly.  As the cost to make the repairs correctly was reasonable, I chose that option.  Again, all work has been of the highest quality and at or below the quoted costs.

From my experience I believe that Jon works very hard to prepare accurate and complete quotes, without “surprises” that add costs.  I hope that my experiences have been helpful to you.  If I maybe of further help please contact me.  I look forward to hearing from you and perhaps seeing pictures of your Buick.  I shall attempt to send you some pictures of the Chevrolet and Superbird in the near future, with your permission.


Don Peterson