I will have to say working with these restoration/customization professionals, a complete pleasure! Not only were they willing to spend a lot of time on the phone with me, but they were also very patient, as I can be kind of a bother when it comes to knowing all the little details about things.  I dealt mainly with Chris, but everyone I had an opportunity to talk to was very very nice and professional. The work done was top notch and when they set a deadline for being done, boy, do they mean it! The turnaround time on my car was actually quicker than at first estimated. The price was right on the money also. My overall experience with the employees there was a very pleasant and great experience, and I would recommend them to anyone wanting quality work and service from a custom body and modification shop…….My hat’s off to you guys, Keep up the outstanding work……

John Gleason
Effingham, IL
2005 Mustang