Chevrolet Restoration

Chevrolet Restoration

Are you ready to give yourself the gift of Chevrolet restoration? Whether you have a Chevy truck needing of car restoration or a vintage Chevrolet that has a tender place in your heart, we provide exceptional Chevrolet restoration and Chevy truck restoration at Precision Restorations.

Chevrolet, also known as Chevy, began as a brand of automobiles produced by General Motors Company. Founded by Louis Chevrolet in 1911 and acquired by GMC in 1917, Chevys were entered into the market to compete with Ford’s Model T. Since then, Chevy’s have been known for their muscle cars and trucks, built with fast, powerful engines. Chevrolet continues to be the largest selling brand of GMC and oftentimes, consumers confuse Chevy and GMC to be one in the same. The Chevrolet lines include a full range of automobiles: from sub-compact cars to medium-duty commercial trucks.

Chevy fans are a loyal bunch and we have seen many Chevrolet restorations and Chevy truck restorations at Precision Restorations. True vintage car restoration is a real dream come true for many of our clients and the Precision Restorations staff alike, and we take pride in our abilities to do the Chevrolet restoration right the first time.

If you are ready for classic car restoration of your Chevrolet or Chevy truck to its former glory, call the staff at Precision Restorations for vintage Chevrolet restoration. We can advise you on a full vintage Chevy truck restoration, or a partial vintage Chevrolet restoration, depending upon your budget, how heavily you drive your vehicles, or whether you participate in vintage auto shows.

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