Finished Camaro Restoration

OK, another killer Camaro! This ’67 Camaro is just perfect. Crate big block, 5 speed transmission, convertible.

When this car came to us it really wasn’t all that bad. The paint was OK, and we didn’t need to get into it. But we did take care of a few small trim issues while we were at it.

The big reason the car came to us was for engine and transmission upgrades. The engine was built more for racing applications, and was just too highly strung for good street use. When we got into the engine to put together a more balanced package, we found one problem after another. We talked about the options with the client, and he chose to go with a GM Performance 454 with good power, great warranty.

Interestingly, when we put the new engine in the car, we had wheel hop problems. Wheel hop is a really annoying problem caused when a car has good power and pretty good traction. If a car has poor traction and lots of motor, no problem! Paste the throttle to the floor, and you get lots of tire smoke; easy, fun, but slow.

A car that has a little better traction though, but not good traction, will hook up a little, wind up the leaf springs, break the tires loose, hook up, and so forth. It’s REALLY annoying, and dangerous, and slow, and it will eat parts if you’re not careful. But why do you think it had wheel hop with the new engine, but not the old one? We figured it was the fact that the new engine was quite a bit lighter and faster than the old one. When a car has a lighter engine it allows the car a little bit better traction.

So we upgraded the rear suspension, and fixed some cracks in the rear frame rails. Problem totally solved, and now this car is a real rocket! Check out the video of the guy racing his wife in their Charger. (The kid squealing in the background is just wrong, though. Mom didn’t win, Dad did. If you stop the film you can see the times.)

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