What a huge project this one was! The customer lives pretty close, so he was in the shop on a regular basis observing every detail of the work on this very detailed job.

This 1929 Ford sedan hot rod has an upgraded fuel injected Chevy 350. The car was built elsewhere and needed finishing up, and lots of upgrades, corrections, and adjustments. We pulled the engine and painted it, installed nice looking headers, installed an electric retracting license plate support, did some dent repair and paint work, moved the front seats 6″ back so the really tall owner could fit comfortably, modified and installed a front splash apron, corrected some serious rear suspension engineering flaws, corrected serious problems with the power brakes and re-plumbed them, modified the tank to accept a fuel gauge sending unit, and installed the gauge in the dash, chromed out the engine a little, corrected the non-operative power windows, did a really great job installing an aftermarket AC system with absolutely no room for it, installed electric windshield wipers, installed power rack and pinion steering, did some chrome upgrades to the steering and front suspension, pulled the engine and painted it, corrected a long list of electrical and computer issues with the fuel injection, and installed stereo equipment.

This job took more than one day to do, could you guess?

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