So what defines a proper hot rod? Well, let’s not get into that. But this ’36 Ford is a hot rod!! No matter how you measure, this car’s got the hot rod thing a whole lot.

Client in Arkansas calls up, says he has a ’36 Ford he wants to hot rod the old fashioned way. So we got a Mercury flathead motor, the big, high horsepower one, freshened it up, dressed it up, and installed it.

The transmission and axle set-up is a little more modern. We installed these pieces from an S-10; good gears, good brakes, and cost-effective. (Yes, we did remove the bowtie emblem on the differential cover.)

We also upgraded the front brakes to hydraulic. The body, paint, and interior we left alone, though. It’s good, old-fashioned drivable car looking, but a whole lot faster and cooler