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Plymouth RestorationDo you have a Plymouth restoration project on your hands? If you want Plymouth restoration for your beloved Plymouth, come to Precision Restorations, a widely recognized Plymouth restoration shop.

The Plymouth automobile was introduced on July 7, 1928. It was Chrysler Corporation’s first entry in the low-priced field, which at the time was already dominated by Chevrolet and Ford. Plymouths were actually priced slightly higher than their competition, but offered standard features such as internal expanding hydraulic brakes that the competition did not provide. Plymouths were originally sold exclusively through Chrysler dealerships. The logo featured a rear view of the Mayflower ship which landed at Plymouth Rock.

For much of its life, Plymouth was one of the top-selling American automobile brands. Plymouth almost surpassed Ford in 1940 and 1941 as the second most popular make of automobiles in the U.S. Through 1956, Plymouth vehicles were known for their durability, affordability, and engineering. 1957 total production soared to 726,009, about 200,000 more than 1956, and the largest output yet for Plymouth.

However, the 1957-1959 Forward Look models suffered from poor materials and build quality and inadequate corrosion protection; they quickly deteriorated and greatly damaged Chrysler’s reputation. Over the years, Plymouth would face several challenges that would continue the brand’s decline. Plymouth was phased out on June 29, 2001 in the United States, and most models were rebadged or already being sold as Dodge or Chrysler models.

Lucky for us at our Plymouth restoration shop, the Plymouth brand lives on and we have done plenty of Plymouth restorations with other classic car restoration jobs.

If you are ready for classic car restoration of your Plymouth to its former glory, call the staff at Precision Restorations for vintage car restoration. We can advise you on a full vintage Plymouth restoration, or a partial vintage Plymouth restoration, depending upon your budget, how heavily you drive your vehicles, or whether you participate in vintage auto shows.

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